Minikami- Orecchini Madame Butterfly


Earrings made with hand-printed Washi paper and folded with the Japanese origami technique, then enamelled to ensure optimum finish and provide the model with a waterproof layer. The detail of the print fantasy will be random as it is determined by the manual folding of the paper.
Antique brass components and Japanese Miyuki beads.
Allergy-free materials, nickel free. 

Savino- 1:20.000


Where do we belong?
We can say that a city we belong?

1:20.00 is a collection of maps, a collection of cities in the form of jewelry.
It is the research of our identities, complex labyrinths of streets, moving as travelers, precious and delicate as jewelry.

Designer Giulia Savino

Scar- Micro Wave Earrings


Sung by poets, can be black, red, green and yellow and cheer your day provided that you wear! Porcelain small fish shaped earrings are hand painted and therefore never identical, with silver PIN.
If the product is in stock is immediately available, otherwise in 5 working days.